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Varroa Mites – Bee Enemy

VARROA MITES: A DANGER TO BEES – Untreated they can wipe out a bee colony within one to three years: Varroa mites are regarded as the greatest pest to the western honeybee. This animation explains how the tiny parasites threaten bees and explains what beekeepers can do about them.
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Mosquitoes – Pest Control Target

mosquitoes pest control

Mosquitoes are one of the most important insect pests that affect the health and well being of humans and domestic animals worldwide. If environmental conditions are favorable, vast populations can develop. Female mosquitoes require a blood meal for egg production, and they produce a painful bite as they feed. While feeding, they can transmit a number of disease-causing organisms to humans and animals. Read More

Spring Pests – Top Four

spring pests pest control

Spring pests. You can’t go wrong with proper planning for spring. Part of that plan should include an audit of your current pest control efforts to ensure warming weather doesn’t equal free room and board for nasty pests.
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Pest Control Season – When Does It Begin?

pest control season pest control

Pest control season is all the talk right now. Though pests come and go with varying frequency throughout the year, there is no such thing as a “pest control season”. Pests, like cockroaches, are ever-present; lurking, waiting for an opportunity to build a home on your property.
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Pest Control Resolutions for the New Year

pest control resolutions

PEST CONTROL RESOLUTIONS. At ClearDefense Pest Control, we invite you to join us in a New Year’s pledge to prevent pests from invading your home or office. The pledge is simple and straightforward, and might help save your home from unwanted guests.
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